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To enhance the quality of life in the Sacramento area by supporting systemic change through innovative and effective educational programs.

After over 35 years of grant funding in the Sacramento region, and following several years of strategic planning, the Trustees of Arata Brothers Trust have further defined the focus of funding activities. As a small family trust, we strive to generate the greatest beneficial effect for each dollar of grant money provided. To that end, our focus will be trained on funding educational activities aimed at an investment in future self-sufficiency and intelligence enhancement in all dimensions.


The trust was formed by three brothers, Andrew, Charles, and Frank Arata, who benefited from the Sacramento community through their successful grocery operation, Arata Brothers Grocers.  This grocery business existed in the Sacramento area from the early 1900's until 1967.  The trust began in 1979 after the death of the last of the brothers.  Their two primary preferences were:
     1.  Grantees be located in the Sacramento area since the equity in the trust was from profits
          made in the Sacramento community, and
     2.  Granting benefits to children should be a primary focus

To date, the grants exceed $14,000,000, primarily to the Sacramento region. 

The current trustees are Mark Sewell, Lisa Malvini, and Matson Sewell. 

Arata Advisor is Elfrena Foord.



1.  Grant requests need to focus on the broad social value expected to be achieved with our grant funds

2.  Accountability that the broad social value was met must be documented in a report within 12 months of the grant identifying specific results from the use of our grant funds.  Recipient organization is responsible for initiating this report.

3.  Trustees meet and make decisions at the end of every quarter.  In general, requests will be granted or denied within each quarter.

Application Procedure:

1.  Since it is imperative that we limit our operating expenses, all grant requests must be submitted through our website rather than through the mail.

2.  There is no specific grant application.  Grant requests should cover these basic points:
          a.  Mission of the organization
          b.  Description of the project
          c.  Amount of money requested
          d.  Measurable results to be achieved
          e.  Justification of why this measurable result has a high probability of success
          f.   Brevity is preferred

3. All grant applications must include a copy of the applicant's IRS tax exemption letter.

4. Email a brief cover note to info@aratabrotherstrust.org and attach the grant application and IRS letter to this email. In the subject line of the email state: “Your Organization’s Name GRANT APP”. A physical address to which a grant check could be mailed must be included for application consideration.

It should be noted that, if we deny your grant request, it is in no way a reflection on the request or your organization. We get an enormous number of requests each year so denials are required, sometimes even to organizations that we have previously funded.


Email:  info@aratabrotherstrust.org

P.O. Box 255484, Sacramento, CA 95865-5484